Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have the large salaries of professional athletes had a negative impact on the athletes or the sports?

Athletes in my opinion are paid way too much for running up and down a field, and hitting a ball with a bat or a stick naming a few. Being paid so much money I believe these people are taking advantage of life. It seems that in the past few years the salaries of players have been going up and up when in the long run they aren’t doing a very good job playing the sport. What really upsets me as a Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement major is these athletes getting off so many things because they have a big salary and can buy their way out of something when regular Joe Blow would spend month’s maybe years in jail or prison because they don’t have the money or the fame to back it up. Everyone is human and people should be treated the same wither they have money or not. Just because someone is a athlete doesn’t make that person any more important than the next person.
                With people having such big salaries and being able to buy their way out of certain situations or just buy whatever has made a negative impact on the players and the sport. With all of these athletes acting a fool and getting away with it, it makes the sport look as if they are just supporting crooks or negative people. People need to stop putting so much money into these athletes who I think take things for granted and start putting that much money into our school systems, homeless people and other areas instead of athlete's pockets.

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